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Graduate Psychology Programs Online

Are you looking for graduate psychology programs? This page will help you to find out more about graduate psychology study online and to locate suitable university online psychology degree programs at masters and doctorate levels.


Online psychology graduate degrees for a satisfying career

The importance of graduate psychology programs

University graduate degrees in psychology online are some of the most popular amongst students. This is partly because of the interesting nature of postgraduate courses in psychology, but also because of the career opportunities presented.

"Psychology" is the theory of the human mind.  It can give us some idea of why we behave in a particular way and thus enables us to help people function more effectively in their personal lives and in their work environment.   

Psychology is usually classed as a science and so most masters graduates receive a Master of Science (MS or MSc) - but it is also possible to take an online MA Psychology.  Actually, there has been a philosophical debate about whether psychology is a science for many years.  Some people would argue that the study of human action can never be predictive or exact so it cannot be a science.  Others argue that this is too narrow a view of "science".  But as regards whether you get an MBA, MA or MS, it really depends on the exact nature of the program, the university psychology courses or specializations offered and the department within which it is offered.


Selected graduate psychology programs online

Many schools offer graduate degrees in psychology online - here are a few selected ones that offer general degrees in psychology:

  • Capella University Online
    • MS in General Psychology
    • PhD in General Psychology
  • Walden University
    • M.S. in Psychology
    • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • University of Phoenix Online
    • MS in Psychology
  • The University of the Rockies Online
    • Master of Arts in General Psychology
    • Graduate Certificate in General Psychology
    • Doctor of Psychology

You can also find programs suited to your particular interest by browsing the specializations below and find more programs using the search boxes on this page.

The programs listed on this site, or that you find using the search boxes provided, are from reputable institutions.  But, especially if you go off-site and search elsewhere, you should make sure that the program you take is accredited by a reputable accrediting body such as the American Psychological Association (APA).  Depending on your specialization, other appropriate accrediting bodies would be: the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), or the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE).



Psychologists are required in a variety of settings, including health and human services, business, education, law, and sports. You may like to consider the programs in one or more of the many different specialties available at masters and doctorate degree level:


What do you study in graduate psychology programs?

Most students pursuing psychology graduate programs will take a masters program and then perhaps go on to take a doctorate.  Online psychology masters programs typically include:

  • Biology;
  • Statistics;
  • Tests and Measurement;
  • Human Motivation;
  • Research Design;
  • Social Psychology;
  • The Developmental Approach;
  • The Cognitive Approach;
  • Clinical Psychology;
  • Culture and Psychology;
  • Contemporary Issues.

A thesis may be required in addition or in place of some of the courses.


What jobs and salaries do graduates get?

Accredited online graduate psychology programs provide many career opportunities in private sector (e.g., marketing, personnel management) or the public sector (e.g., teaching, social/community work, mental health care in hospitals, clinics and schools).  The American Psychological Association says that psychology is the third fastest-growing field in America requiring a college degree.  Salaries are high in some specializations, e.g., forensic and clinical psychologists average around US$70,000.   More salaries can be seen in the chart in the right hand column.


More information

More information on graduate programs in specific areas or specializations in psychology can be found by browsing the Graduate Programs navigation bar on the left.

Go to the forum to discuss specific questions about graduate psychology programs.

Go to campus programs if you wish to know more about a masters in psychology on campus.