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Business Psychology MBA, MS and MA

A psychology MBA, or other business psychology masters degree such as an MS or MA, is an excellent qualification for a rewarding career in business.  This page will help you to find out more and to locate suitable university online programs.

A business psychology masters degree for a satisfying career

A business psychology masters degree studies the synergy of psychology and business to understand and change behavior in a business setting.  It can be taken as a psychology MBA - such is found at American InterContinental University Online - and is one of the very popular MBA distance programs.  Sometimes it is combined with the study of organizational behavior or is included in an industrial organizational psychology degree program (e.g., at Capella University Online).  You can also study psychology and business as an MA and as a graduate certificate (e.g., at The University of the Rockies Online). 

This page is for students who wish to study their degrees online.  If you wish to explore the on-campus psychology programs available, go to on campus programs.


Where can you take a business psychology MBA online

Many schools offer business psychology masters programs.

Listed here are selected schools where you can study MBA psychology programs and other closely related programs.

  • Capella University Online
    • MS - Industrial / Organizational Psychology
    • MS - Leadership Coaching Psychology
  • The University of the Rockies Online
    • Master of Arts in Psychology
      • Business Psychology
      • Executive Coaching
      • International Leadership
      • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
      • Mental Health Administration
      • Non-Profit Management
      • Organizational Consulting
      • Organizational Diversity
      • Organizational Leadership
    • Graduate Certificates
      • Business Psychology
      • Organizational Leadership
  • American InterContinental University Online
    • MBA - Organizational Psychology and Development
  • Argosy University Online
    • Master of Arts in Industrial / Organizational Psychology

You can also find more psychology and business programs online using the search boxes on this page.  Make sure the program you take is accredited by an appropriate accrediting body.


What do you study in online business psychology masters programs?

A busines psychologist seeks to understand human behavior in organizational settings and applies behavioral principles and research findings to bring about change in these settings.  Thus, as a business psychology graduate working in an organization, you will be expected to:

  • Understand how groups function;
  • Know negotiation strategies, problem solving techniques, and group cohesion methods;
  • Know how to increase motivation and improve workplace performance.

A psychology MBA or other masters in business psychology program prepares you to meet these organizational expectations.  You will learn how to evaluate the effect the culture of a given organization has on business, and then apply this knowledge to create better work environments.  You will also cover the following knowledge and skills: communication, management, group development theories, leadership, team building, conflict management strategies, motivation, assessment techniques, analysis and evaluation, and critical thinking.


What jobs do graduates of business psychology masters programs get?

There are many career opportunities in the private and public sectors for graduates of business psychology masters programs.  Many start their career in human resources or in corporate communications, coordinating professional development and training programs, or team building, or facilitating organizational development.  Business psychologists also work in executive search firms, community college instructor positions, consulting positions in training, or executive coaching.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an increase in business psychology jobs over the next several years, mainly because of concern over worker productivity, retention rates, workplace diversity, and anti-discrimination.  So prospects are good for those with a business psychology masters.

Salaries vary widely depending on the job type, geographical location, company size, education level and experience. but are high among some of the jobs that business psychologists take.  For example, as an HR Manager with 5-9 years experience, you would earn over US57,000 per annum (  Some other job titles to look for are: Human Resources Consulting Assistant, Senior Research Consultant, and Employee Relations Manager.


More information about business psychology MBA programs

For more information about accredited business psychology or organizational development degrees, click the links on this page.  You may wish to look at the related areas listed below:

  • industrial / organizational psychology;
  • leadership psychology degrees.

Go to the forum to discuss specific questions about business psychology MBA programs.

Go to the on campus programs page if you wish to know more about the on-campus programs available.